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Jason Eklund (a.k.a. Captain Stringbean) is a performing songwriter whose song subjects range from serious social topics and wars, to failed relationship and restless drifters, to the occasional skewering of American cultural iconography. Depending on what mood he’s in (and what hat he’s wearing), he might introduce himself as Captain Stringbean (aka The Artist Formerly Known As Jason Eklund), to poke fun at something that probably needs it. Or, if he’s got his old beat-up blues hat on, he might tell you he’s Chicken House Slim and do a little hollerin’. Or maybe you’ll catch him doing some old country tune as a rock’n'roll raveup.

Depending on the venue, you might find him with a beat-up acoustic guitar and a harmonica rack, or an electric guitar in front of a 4-piece band. He can play the thoughtful acoustic tunes or get people out on the dance floor with equal ease.

Listeners looking for slickly-produced “happy music” should look elsewhere. Jason’s got lots of edges and he likes all of them rough. To give you an idea, take a look at his influences (musical and otherwise).

Besides his musical adventures, Jason has dabbled in theatre. As Artist-In-Residence, he was musical director and ‘Preacher Casey’ in a stage production of the ‘The Grapes Of Wrath’ at SUNY Oswego in New York.

Moreover, he has published poetry in such publications as Desperado (Fort Worth), and Passion Press (Denver). In addition, he’s been an amateur cartoonist, so you’ll find some of his drawings decorating on his personal website,


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